Diabesity! Should Adult Indians Be Worried?

Diabesity! Should Adult Indians Be Worried?

Diabesity! Should Adult Indians Be Worried?

The one thing you can do to turn Diabetes around.


Diabesity is not an official term but, an increasing observation among health experts that closely links obesity and diabetes in adults. This term means you have both conditions of obesity and diabetes. This combination leads to a more severe risk of heart disease. This makes it a worrying factor for the adult population in India.

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in India with morbid obesity effecting 5% of the population. Going by trends this is going to increase further. Obesity is going to further increase the prevalence of Type II Diabetes even higher compared to current forecasts.

The correlation between these two conditions is very strong. Almost 90% of people with Type II Diabetes are overweight or obese. Type II Diabetes and obesity are associated with insulin resistance.

The pancreas produces insulin, which helps the sugar we eat become fuel for cells in the muscles, fat, and liver to use for energy. Insulin resistance, reduces the ability of these cells to use the sugar for energy. This is more likely to occur in people who are overweight since excess fat makes the cells less responsive to insulin, causing insulin resistance. There is also scientific evidence showing that fat cells are more insulin resistant than muscle cells. In other words, insulin is less effective in people who are overweight, causing glucose in the bloodstream to remain high.

This results in higher risk exposure to high blood pressure, kidney disease and kidney failure.

What is the one thing you can do for yourself or your loved ones?

Yacon syrup is a health supplement that specifically manages the conditions of reducing obesity, reducing insulin resistance of cells and improving gut health. The Randomized Controlled Trial article published on PubMed on the positive impact of Yacon Syrup on Obesity and Insulin Resistance can be read here and here.

Earthier is a Sikkim, Himalayas based brand that has been exclusively working on Yacon for the last 10 years. We oversee the entire value chain from farming to manufacturing of the health supplement, Yacon Syrup. We have had over 30,000 customers who have trusted Earthier’s Yacon Syrup as a supplement to help manage their diabetes better. 

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