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Naturally cultivated Yacon roots in organic Sikkim is minimally processed into a concentrated syrup that is super healthy for you.

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Understanding a new product can be complicated. Let us help you understand Earthier Yacon Syrup better?

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Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Improves Insulin Resistance in cells and supports healthy hormonal levels.

Healthy Weight Management

Supports healthy energy metabolism.

Gut Microflora

A healthy gut microflora composition maintained.

Healthy Natural Immunity

Supports healthy intestinal mucosal barrier function.

Good Digestive Health

Supports healthy digestive functions.

Mineral Absorption

Supports the absorption and retention of minerals.

Know All About Yacon Syrup

Vegan & Awesome!

  • Activate 55+ Bifidobacterium Strains and encourages its growth & reproduction.

  • Boost Colonization of healthy bacteria up by 28%.

  • Encourages gut bacteria to secrete two times SCFAs (Short Chain Fatty Acids) compared to enzymatic prebiotics.