Blood Sugar Normalized In 4 Months For A 67 Year Old

Blood Sugar Normalized In 4 Months For A 67 Year Old

A 67 year old retired Government official from Moranhat, Assam, Mr Krishna Bora is very happy today.


In this interview, he gives a detailed description of his ailment and how Earthier Yacon Syrup helped him manage his blood sugar levels.

A year or so ago, he had some problem in his eye. After conducting his blood test, it was found that his blood sugar was as high as 464!


He immediately started on medication on the advice of his doctor. At the same time, he talked to his friend from Sikkim, who was a pharmacist. His friend told him about Earthier Yacon Syrup and Mr.Bora purchased a couple of bottles on Amazon (Link to Amazon) and started consuming it regularly along with his prescribed medication.


Over the months, his initial symptoms of feeling lethargic, feeling sleepy always and lack of will to step out for a walk reduced. He started to feel energetic, started climbing stairs without getting tired and started going out regularly.


By the time he had completed 5 bottles (around 4 months), his blood sugar test revealed that his sugar level was 145. He felt joy and happiness.


He started recommending Earthier Yacon Syrup to his neighbours. His neighbours, who are diabetic as well, started getting the benefit of regular Earthier Yacon Syrup (Read about Yacon Syrup in detail here) consumption as well. Today, there are 5 families from Mr. Bora’s neighbourhood that are buying Yacon Syrup from the website and getting discounts, free shipping and Cash on Delivery benefits.


Mr. Bora has been consuming Earthier Yacon Syrup for over a year now. He is very happy. At the end of the interview he blessed the Earthier team and all the farmers of Sikkim growing Yacon.


Similar to the long term consumption experiences of Mr. Dinesh Dulal from Hetauda, Nepal as covered in this link here, regular using Earthier Yacon Syrup in your daily diet has a good effect on your overall health.

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