Natural Methods To Manage Diabetes And India's Diabetes Menace

Natural Methods To Manage Diabetes And India's Diabetes Menace

The consensus among the medical experts is now conclusive. Diabetes is a condition that can only be managed and not cured. I am sure you have come across at least a few commercials promising miracle cures. You know that is false and now let’s discuss some truths.

Managing diabetes is a tightrope walk. It has been established that along with prescribed medication, one has to make lifestyle changes. These changes include a healthy diet, sufficient exercise and stress management.

India is now the diabetes capital of the world. Other South Asian countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Pakistan reflect a similar trend.

India is home to 77 million diabetics. This number will grow to 134 million in 2025. A recent study ‘Cost of Management of Diabetes’ conducted pan India focused on expenditure on diabetes management. The average expenditure per person per month is high. In rural areas, it is INR 2,893 and INR 4,162 in urban areas.

Extrapolating that to the 134 million people in 2025 means Indians will be spending USD 6 billion per month on Diabetes Management. In a year, it is a staggering USD 72 billion.

High expenditure is leading many people to introduce natural, herbal and ayurvedic solutions to manage diseases in India & South Asia. Diabetes management has also seen a similar trend.

However, some use unscrupulous means & promise miracle cures breaching the trust of people. This has waned people away from adopting even legitimate products. Breaking the acceptability barrier for natural products has become difficult now due to these practices.

The Earthier team has been aware of these trends since 2014. We worked on a research-backed product called Yacon Syrup. Yacon Syrup is a root concentrate of the Yacon plant that is beneficial for diabetics.


Yacon Syrup works on two aspects.


a.  Improved Gut Metabolism – Yacon Syrup is prebiotic. It helps in the auto – regeneration of good gut bacteria. This improves gut health resulting in clear bowels, more energy and better sleep.


b.  Reduces Insulin Resistance in Cells – High insulin resistance happens at the cellular level. In this condition, your cells do not allow the entry of insulin. Thus, insulin can’t process blood sugar. Therefore, we get high blood sugar metrics in test results. Yacon Syrup contains Inulin that helps reduce the high resistance to insulin at the cellular level.

Earthier spoke to one of our customers, Pratima. She buys our product for her parents and uncle every month from our website. She says, “My insulin-dependent father was the first to buy it. In 5 months, his HbA1C% was down from 8.2% to 5.9%. His prescription medication dose had been reduced. He was feeling energetic and healthy. Seeing his improvement, my mother and uncle started consuming as well. The best thing is that Earthier has quantity discounts and free shipping. Ordering for my entire family has become easy and cheaper.”


Pratima’s family are among the 30,000 users of Earthier Yacon Syrup. They just have one thing to say: it works.


1.  Results may vary from person to person.

2.  For Type II Diabetics only.

3.  Earthier Yacon Syrup is a natural functional whole food. Consult your Doctor or Nutrition Expert. Continue your prescribed medication if any.

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