Blood Sugar From 350 to 120 Using Earthier Yacon Syrup!

Blood Sugar From 350 to 120 Using Earthier Yacon Syrup!

Dinesh Dulal is a young entrepreneur/proprietor of a transport business from Hetauda, Nepal. Dinesh is part of the increasing trend, where people get diabetes at a young age. He was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 35 in 2019. For a year, he was on doctor's medication but, it was not under control. At one time his PP level was 350 and his Fasting level was 185. On his sister's advice, he researched and ordered Earthier Yacon Syrup in 2020. 

He started using the product along with his allopathic medication. Slowly, over 2 - 3 months his energy levels were good, his blood sugar was under control and he was feeling healthy again. His doctor reduced his medication then. In the next three months also the same trend continued. After 9 months of consuming Earthier Yacon Syrup, his blood sugar levels had stayed normal for a long time. Seeing this, his doctor stopped his allopathic medication. 

Dinesh has continued Earthier Yacon Syrup for the last three years and continues to do so to date. His blood sugar levels have stayed steady in the normal range with PP at 120 and Fasting at 90.

Dinesh's uncle is around 60 years old. He is diabetic as well. He has also been consuming Earthier Yacon Syrup. Dinesh says that Yacon Syrup has helped his uncle maintain good blood sugar levels, excellent energy levels and overall health.

Watch Dinesh's interview with Abhimanyu Dhakal, Founder, of Earthier Yacon Syrup given below. The interview is in Nepali.

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